The company Yakutbrilliant and its partner the company Guerci Pallavidini
created a joint project.

Italian company Guerci & Pallavidini, that manufactures diamond mounts,

has launched a partnership with St. Petersburg–based Yakutbrilliant

that is intended to unite Italian design and Russian diamonds.

This combination is appealing to customers.
We are selling the idea of a tradition of family values and this well works.











Guerci Pallavidini is the oldest Italian manufacturer, founded in 1957,
which became a leader in its market segment due to guaranteed
high quality and extraordinary design of handmade casts.
They are manufactured under the time-proven Italian technology
that fully emphasises the beauty and exclusivity of the precious stone.

The company ensures that mountings designed
by renowned designer Dario Pallavidini
are considered as top level in the market for quality
and finishing details, confirms the authenticity
of the product punched 794AL Pat. (patented). 
Guerci Pallavidini is 100% Made in Italy.












Yakutbrilliant refers to Yakut brilliants of Russian cut which are noted
for perfect proportions and magnificent play.
Only rough diamond stones with top characteristics obtained
from Yakut deposits of JSC “ALROSA” are used for jewelry.

The chosen strategy “Unite the Best” contributed to successful
development of the project and its dynamics.









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